Mission Statement

PremCloud is responsible for the activation and ongoing support of our customer experience from beginning to end.  It is PremCloud's core objective is to make certain that all of our archive solutions are effectively implemented and that they are operating at their maximum performance capabilities for all of our customers.  In the end, optimal functionality for our customers is essential to our success.


PremCloud provides the resources required for our customers to effectively and securely manage their most valuable asset - their data.  When it comes to providing our world-class solutions and services, the deciding factor in their efficacy relies on the contribution of our PremCloud Services team.  The PremCloud Services team answers the call for all of our customer needs with a speed-to-performance that exceeds all industry standards.


PremCloud Services

  1. Maintenance & Support

  2. Professional

  3. Managed

  4. Hosting

  5. Microsoft O-Companion

  6. Migration & Legacy Application Retirement

  7. GDPR & Legal

  8. Sceven Development

Maintenance & Support Services

Our PremCloud Maintenance & Support is responsible for ensuring our global enterprise customers’ archive environments are running properly and are in compliance when it comes to fulfilling industry mandates.  We understand that maintaining an on-premise archive environment without professional assistance is no simple task, so we have made our Maintenance and Support services as accessible as possible to our global customers, delivering maximum value with support resources all over the globe for 24/7/365 support.

With our easy-to-use PremCloud Support Portal, customers can quickly login, submit a support request, and receive immediate assistance from one of our dedicated Account Managers. Alternatively, customers are always welcome to call their dedicated Account Manager, who will personally ensure immediate assistance, directly. Our PremCloud Services Team members will remediate the issue for our customers in a timely manner.  We are first and foremost a Service Provider, and we pride ourselves on our unmatched level of responsiveness when it comes to servicing our loyal multinational customer base.  


Professional Services

With any engagement spanning beyond standard Maintenance & Support, there will undoubtedly be a need for our experts to assist in the proper installation of any new software or hardware. Our PremCloud Professional Services Team is responsible for delivering services to our customers to assist with upgrades, migrations, consolidations, new implementations, expansions, hardware refreshes, updated configurations, etc.  These project-based services are delivered according to each organization’s preference for each unique engagement, whether it be time and materials, fixed-rate, or milestone-based.

With decades of experience delivering world-class services to ensure our customers’ environments are operating at an optimal level, we are happy to tailor every engagement to each enterprise’s specific requirements.  In order to ensure the ultimate completion of every project, our Professional Service experts work with our customers in advance of the engagement to define a mutual set of expectations from both parties, outlined in a Statement of Work, which we then use as the mechanism for carrying out the correct processes and procedures to meet the established criteria for success.  With our “We Can Do It” mantra, we welcome the opportunity to assist in providing a solution for all enterprise IT-related challenges, even outside the realm of archiving.

Managed Services

While Managed Services are historically delivered as a component included in a hosted Software as a Service engagement, our modern PremCloud Managed Services offering now includes the option for the management of on-premise archive environments.  Considering the complexities that come with modern archiving, employees are tasked with understanding an entire niche skill set in order to properly manage their archive environment, and this burden weighs heavily on various IT departments lacking the resources for specialized management.  Our PremCloud Managed Services Team provides the professional management of our customers’ archive environments; furthermore, we ensure the optimal archive operation on a continual basis.

The most beneficial aspect to our on-premise managed services is that our customers define the exact services which we provide.  Typical engagements include services provided on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and as-needed basis; however, our customers have the full autonomy to design the optimal combination of our offerings per their specific requirements.  Some enterprises need more thorough management of their environment on a weekly or even daily basis, and others prefer a monthly maintenance schedule for a less-demanding deployment.

Hosting Services

While we firmly believe that on-premise archiving is the optimal practice for storing an enterprise’s most sensitive and valuable data, we also understand that a number of our customers desire the option to host a portion of their data in a location off-site.  With our PremCloud Hosting, we provide premium hosting services to our customers, available for a variety of hosting alternatives, dependent upon each unique situation.  With data sovereignty concerns in each region of operation, our enterprise customers require a flexible deployment model that can allow for a unified, global archive environment.  

Our advanced PremCloud Hosting perspective speaks directly to the strategic versatility of our hosting alternatives for EAS  along with the appropriate PremCloud Managed Services that we provide our customers [especially our multinational customers].  Whether it is in our customer’s own data center, a data center we provide and manage for them, or a fully hosted presence in one of our PremCloud Data Centers - we can now offer our customers the most advantageous residence of their data based on a number of criteria specific to the countries or regions they are operating in.

Microsoft O-Companion Services

As Microsoft Office 365 and Azure are undoubtedly the top public cloud provider for multinationals working to offload the administration and management of their various enterprise-wide IT applications, we are proud to introduce our brand-new Microsoft O-Companion program.  While aggregating data from a plethora of applications for ingestion into the Microsoft cloud environment is typically not a straight-forward orchestration, our latest program was developed specifically to simplify this process for all organizations making the transition away from their historic on-premise infrastructure. With our Microsoft O-Companion Connector Framework, we provide the tools and services our customers need to properly aggregate data from various repositories and sources and subsequently ingest into Office 365 and Azure.

Not only are we able to service customers in the data transformation process required to store information in the Azure Cloud, but we are also happy to announce that our core archive solutions are fully compatible with Microsoft Office 365.  The latest release of EAS assists organizations in making a quicker, safer, and more cost-effective migration to Office 365 to remediate all of the standard concerns associated with moving on-premise Exchange data to Exchange Online.  With our unique connection protocol, we are able to receive data from the journal as well as influence user mailboxes directly from the archive.  As our competitors are solely able to receive information from Office 365, our bi-directional communication with user mailboxes allows for the total management of an enterprise email messaging environment directly from their archive.  This type of archive oversight into mailboxes allows for a far more efficient means of executing necessary enterprise-wide tasks, such as carrying out an individual’s Right to Deletion under GDPR.


Migration & Legacy Application Retirement Services

Digital Transformation is at the forefront of many enterprise IT teams as they look to improve the productivity and collaboration platforms for their colleagues.  As they phase out legacy platforms a key challenge they face is how to properly preserve the legacy data that remains in these applications.  We understand the optimal practice is to retire unneeded legacy applications before they become problematic with excessive risk exposure.  Fortunately, we offer our enterprise customers the solutions and services to facilitate seamless migrations as well as legacy application retirement and consolidations.

Whether it be a consolidation for multiple siloed archives to our industry-leading EAS solution or the retirement of a legacy SAP system, we make it easier than ever to extract data from these unstructured/structured data repositories for effective transformation into an ingestion-ready format.  Our PremCloud Migration and Legacy Application Retirement specialists have the expertise required to facilitate these consolidation efforts with the most optimal practices to deliver success and mitigate data loss, ensuring legacy data is preserved and accessible.

GDPR & Legal Services

While digital transformation has improved the way we work and interact, it has also made technology more invasive than ever before.  To protect the privacy of consumers and employees, regulation’s have been put in place defining the use of and storage of personal information for long-term retention.  The introduction of GDPR has set the precedent for how organizations must appropriately manage and justify the collection of the wide-ranging Personally Identifiable Information [PII] in their IT environments.  Although this regulation has been in effect since May of 2018, organizations continue to struggle to gain a proper understanding of this regulation’s implications.  Furthermore, they continue to struggle with the implementation of policies, procedures, and the means to efficiently respond to Data Subject Access Requests [DSARs]. 

Our PremCloud Legal experts have been certified by highly respected privacy associations to provide our customers with premier GDPR consultations.  We will implement best practices when it comes to maintaining compliance with this modern regulation.  All enterprises operating in today’s global environment must develop a holistic understanding of and strategy for substantiating compliance throughout future activities, especially as data privacy and personal data regulations are being generated at an ever-increasing rate.  The time to establish a GDPR solution is now, and our PremCloud solutions and services are here to help our customers with this business-critical undertaking.

Sceven Development Services

Although our origins are rooted in Enterprise Information Archiving, we have since assembled a team of world-class experts comprising our software development team, Sceven, who have the technical knowledge and experience required to develop in conjunction with virtually any software or application.  In servicing our vast array of multinational enterprises, we have identified a range of needs for custom-developed solutions.

While it is generally unlikely that organizations have the proper in-house resources capable of all of the necessary organization-wide custom development work, our Sceven development team answers the call with the expertise required to deliver successful projects to the highest enterprise standards.  Contact us today for a consultation with one of our specialists on your custom development needs. 

"Our PremCloud Services team will also perform migrations, project-based software development, and custom consulting engagements for customers around the globe; while our new hybrid PremCloud Hosting solutions will provide our customers with a fully secure, fully managed environment for all their data archive, data governance, and data analytic needs across multiple deployment options worldwide."

- Peter Mellett, President, PremCloud Services 

PremCloud Hosting Deeper Dive


With our new PremCloud Hosting, Global Archiving Alliance has eliminated the disadvantage of having to choose between on-premise or hosted data by presenting a more nimble paradigm for the location of your data and the software solutions we offer.  


Our advanced PremCloud Hosting perspective speaks directly to the strategic versatility of our hosting alternatives that we can now provide our customers [especially our multinational customers].


Your data storage needs can no longer be satisfied by the limitation of simply choosing between a hosted or on-premise solution - there is a need for a more adaptable hosting alternative, and that solution is in our PremCloud.  

Every multinational enterprise is bound to have a variety of native domicile conditions to deal with.  Sovereignty, dominion, residency, accessibility, laws, restrictions, custody, compliance, costs, risk, intellectual resources, security, safety, and manageability will undoubtedly differ in each location.  If you are an international enterprise, in Germany, you may want to host your data in your own data center and have us provide the appropriate managed services for our EAS 10.0, while in Hong Kong, you may want us to host it for you as well.  And in Canada, you may want to host it, but have us fully manage it.  And on and on ...  


The key is that our customers always truly own their data - while they can rely on us for the security, management, and performance that our market-leading solutions provide.  


And what EAS 10.0 and our newest apps can do with data for our enterprise customers is truly magic - and that magic starts with PremCloud Hosting.


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