Optimize your Microsoft Cloud subscriptions and enjoy

flexible archiving with our

newest releases of EAS.

Introducing EAS 9.0 and EAS 10.0

Why choose EAS for your unified archive?

  1. Augment your adoption of Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure
    with our Microsoft O-Companion Program designed specifically for EAS 10.0.


  2. Access your data on-the-go with our brand new dedicated mobile application
    and our web-based EAS Anywhere.


  3. Consolidate your global archives into a single instance of EAS with our flexible
    and adaptive deployment models, powered by PremCloud Hosting.


  4. Archive all of your data sources into EAS as your single source of truth
    for federated Search, Discovery, and Supervision.

Activating EAS is Easy.

In today’s world of rapidly-increasing data generation and regulation, multinational enterprises are in urgent need of a single, unified repository to store all of their most valuable asset - their data.  We officially live in an Information Age, where Data is King;  furthermore, as modern businesses explore all possible avenues to gain the necessary advantage over their competition, they must first consider the data at their disposal.  In order to sustain future monetary success, organizations will undoubtedly rely on the quality of the information in their archive.

EAS [Enterprise Archive Solutions] 9.0 and 10.0 have been developed specifically to address the most stringent demands from modern global enterprises in terms of operational functionality and compliance requirements.  Hundreds of the world’s largest organizations across a multitude of industries leverage EAS today as a critical component of their information governance program. EAS provides a single repository for the long-term storage and management of data generated from emails, file servers, SharePoint, social media applications, instant messaging applications, legacy systems such as SAP, audio and video recordings, etc.  Furthermore, EAS allows enterprises to perform Search, eDiscovery, and Supervision across all of their archived content, no matter where it resides.

Aside from the ability to capture a vast range of content types, EAS separates itself as the world’s premiere archiving solution in that it now has the ability to be deployed in virtually any capacity.  Originally established as the leader in on-premise archiving, EAS 10.0 can now operate in a hosted or hybrid state.  Additionally, EAS 10.0 can be hosted in a variety of locations, including an organization’s private data center, a third-party data center, our Zovy Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.  With its hybrid capabilities, multinationals can deploy EAS on-premise for their Japanese division, in a private data center for their German division, in the Zovy Cloud for their U.S. division, in a third-party data center for their South African division, in Microsoft Azure for their Canadian division, and so on.  Regardless of the chosen deployment structure, organizations leveraging EAS have the ability to access and take action on the entirety of their global archive, all through our single total access optic.

The future of EAS is exciting, as we will continue to develop and expand upon core capabilities while innovating to meet the changing demands of tomorrow.  We are committed to: building EAS in conjunction with Microsoft services to optimize organizations’ use of Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, providing greater accessibility to the archive for both end-users and administrators, offering our customers new deployment capabilities through the leveraging of additional cloud services, and developing new connectors to capture an increasing number of enterprise content types.  Schedule a demo today to learn how EAS can unify your information management practices and help you achieve your long-term organizational goals.

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